Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Young couple

How easy that it was to tell
The young couple were in love
Someone must have cast a spell
The youth had come out of his shell

There was a certain sparkle here
It was the look, the way they’d move
She was all dewy eyed with joy
For at last she now had her boy

He held her close and touched her soft
This was the way that he would prove
That there was no other in his life
He clearly desired her for his wife

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This poem written and published elsewhere in Dec 2014 deserves another airing

Sunday, August 20, 2017

When I pick flowers

I always feel sad 
When I pick flowers
Especially orange ones
My favorite colour

I always feel sad 
When I see people
With hoods marching
To right and the left

Their torches alight
Erasing history
Statues come down
To mask all the facts

Will we teach lies?
Will history be wrong
Evil deeds live on
Stability gone

I always feel sad
When I pick flowers
Especially orange ones
My favorite colour

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Saturday, August 19, 2017

You lay on the sand

I gulped with surprise
In all of my years 
Cultivating friendships
I had been the one
To make the first move

Turning I saw you
Across the laneway
Stalls and boutique shops
Eyes not on bargains
But only on me

The crowds shielded you
Then you melted away
Some blade cut you out
Etched clean from my sight
But a dream of mine

A few days later
Sun, sea, sand and shades
There from the water
You walked to your towel
Wrapped it around you

You lay on the sand
That warm afternoon
Turned your face to me
Smiled then you beckoned
And patted the sand

What more can I say?
Yes, I wanted you
You had set your trap
How willing I was
Mission accomplished

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You took your time

I am such a fool
Spent the evening bickering
Now your soft warmth calls
I crawl into bed
Your breathing is regular
Hoping you're asleep
I kiss your shoulder
You murmur "You took your time"
Then turn to kiss me

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

I look in your eye

I'm no flash dancer
No, it's not my style
But you're in my arms
We'll spin for a while

I feel your warm hand
Together we're close
We move our bodies
You scent's like a rose

I look in your eye
Deep as a dark pool
Oh music play on
For I'm but a fool

Your eyes now meet mine
They're eager for more
Dancing is fun
But you I adore

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The flood of tears

How could I not feel?
The deep anguish in her eyes
As I spoke those words

How could I not see?
The flood of tears on her cheeks
As we argued long

How could I walk out?
Without giving it a thought
From our house that night

Moon hid in the clouds
In the cold I walked alone
Regretting each word

Later I returned
Everything was in darkness
There was not a sound

She slept with the kids
With her arms around them both
It's my turn to weep

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Just three little kids

Just three little kids
Wading barefoot in the stream
Glorious summer

Just three little kids
Run with their dog in the park
Screaming with laughter

Just three little kids
With a bag full of candy
Heaven for the day

This little haiku stream was posted elsewhere almost exactly three years ago today and is just a sweet reminder of childhood

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